Top 5: Unique Ways to Open Bottles Without an Opener

Five great ways to open any beer or soda bottle when you don't have a bottle opener handy. From car keys and doors to belt buckles. You'll never have trouble opening another bottle!

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Step 1: Watch This Video!

It's only two minutes long and you can watch me demonstrate and explain each of these bottle opening techniques.

Step 2: Another Bottle

If you want to get a bottle open chances are you'll usually have another bottle handy. I was skeptical of this method when I had first heard about it. But as it turns out this is both an effective and efficient means of bottle cap removal.

Hold one of the bottles upside down at a slight angle. Press both of the caps together and then pinch them between your palm and fore finger. Squeeze your hand into a fist and slowly increase the angle of the top bottle. Within seconds the top will pop off of the bottom bottle and you'll be ready to enjoy your refreshment.

Step 3: Key

House keys! Car keys! Any keys! If you don't have a set of keys on you, someone will!

Pinch the key between your thumb and the bottle with the "teeth" of the key just under the cap. Rotate the key so that the "teeth" angle upwards, bending the edge of the cap outward. Now just apply some upward pressure with your thumb and the cap should pop right off.

Step 4: Car Door Latch

A few people may not have the thumb or hand strength to open a bottle using their keys. No worries, all is not lost! The latch of your car door is actually the easiest way to open a bottle.

Just press the top of your beverage container against the latch and apply some downward pressure. It's super simple and easy enough to do with just one hand.

Step 5: Belt Method

What's that? You only have one bottle... You didn't bring your car... You've lost your keys... Just use a belt!

Take off your belt and re-fasten it. Tuck the tongue behind the buckle then place it flat in the palm of your hand. Hook the bar that fits into the sizing holes under the lip of your bottle cap and with a quick flick of the wrist pop it right off.

Step 6: Second Belt Method

Belts are basically bottle openers that hold up your pants.

If you have the right type of belt you can also use the metal loop that holds your belt tongue in place to get at that fizzy goodness. Just rest the loop under the lip of your bottle cap and then flip the buckle forward. This is actually even easier than the first belt method, assuming your loop is the proper shape and material for the job.

Step 7: How Would You Do It?

Thanks for reading my instructable! There must be thousands of unique ways to open bottles that don't have twist-off tops. Let me know in the comments the coolest way you've ever seen it done, or ask if anyone has ever tried a technique you're unsure of.

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    9 Discussions

    Very clever, I've done some inventive bottle opening techniques in my day, I'll have to remember these tricks for the future! Also, unrelated, but I love your moth tattoo!

    5 replies

    Haha, you're welcome! You should do a follow up to this about opening corked bottles without a corkscrew. My favorite trick for opening wine bottles without an opener is the running shoe method, followed closely by the push-the-cork-all-the-way-in method.


    4 years ago

    Place edge of cap on edge/corner of concrete or metal object., usually a wall. A good smack on the cap usually pops the cap right off...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome, Can't tell you how many times I could have used these when I go to the beach lol.

    1 reply