5 Binder Clip Uses

Introduction: 5 Binder Clip Uses

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Watch the video above or read the tips below for five uses around the office for binder clips. Good tips to declutter your office space for 2016!

Step 1: Cardholder

Simple attach a binder clip to the bottom than adjust the back to help the card (or image) stand.

Step 2: Tab

Instantly find what you order all the time by using a binder clip as a tab.

Step 3: Wire Organizer

Bothered by messy wires? A binder clip can fix that!

Step 4: Reminders

Need to mail something at the end of the day? Double your binder clip as a reminder with a sliver Sharpie.

Step 5: File Organizer

Files going a little skewed? Most filing cabinets have enough space to use a binder clip on the drawer for extra organization.

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