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As time is an influencing factor in most of our lives, when you need to act fast or you are caught out at that moment in time, you need to think on your feet fast. For instance you for what ever reason have to scramble around for a pen because you need to write something down quickly - like that telephone number or email address - shopping list, car registration plate or even those magic lotto numbers that suddenly appeared before you...... Yes you could reach for the mobile but what if you are using it at that moment and do not want to lose the call or can't be bothered to go through the the hassle at that moment or the phone is out of charge. The pen you thought you had, you cannot find or does not work.

2 Things necessary to resolve this issue - we all carry our car or house keys with us and our wallet or purse. The keys are either brass or chrome coated brass - this is our pen all we need now is the special paper from our wallet, in the form of a till receipt. The receipt is the Carbon Heat sensitive type Image (2) With The Writing On. Now in a hard surface like a counter top or your mobile phone - write how you would normally - it works like a pencil, the oxide comes off the key and transposes onto the receipt see image (3). Now if you are still interested please follow for some more useful tricks.

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Step 1: Why Is Service Taking So Long?

Nap-kin lotus flower: You decided that day to take the family out to a restaurant and it was a weekend and the restaurant is busy. Or you wanted to treat your partner to dinner and the service seems to be taking forever, yes you could walk out or appreciate that they are busy with orders before you arrived and maybe everywhere is the same unless your going for cheap n cheerful fast food.....! Anyway if you are with family they start getting restless and playful maybe a little over excited what do you do to focus them?

Take a nap-kin and do as I do----> and follow the pictures, the first layer: Take nap-kin Fold In half horizontally to make a crease rotate 90o and repeat you now have a [+] . Now take each corner individually to Centre of [+] you should now have a square like in image (5)

now repeat two more layers the same as previous until you get to image (9) keep a at the centre at all stages as there is a tendency for it to spring back to normal position. Hold with both hands and turn over keeping hold, see image (10) now repeat one more layer as before, keeping holding flat to pin if down. See image (11-12).

Now the tricky part. Holding the centre always, take a corner underneath and gently, not tearing pull from under over but stopping to create a little ear. See images (13-14) complete other 3 corner [keep Holding throughout] .

Now between each corner there is a centre ear you gently do as with the corners, but this time you pull gently until you create a bridging ear. See image (16) complete other 3 it should stay together without you holding it - there are another 4 leaves but these are easily yawn and are much flatter ( not ears) more like leaves. You should now if your lucky captivated your audience and have something that resembles image (17-18) A lotus Flower ?

Step 2: The Singing Glass

When you have had a starter or main-course there will be a little wait hopefully not as long as last time - but there are some other table tricks to master and captivate whilst you are waiting. When you arrived to your table, there would have been a wine glass given per person. If the glass is of reasonable quality is should sing. Taking a little of the beverage within or a little table water, wet your index finger and add gentle pressure to the edge of the glass and make even rotations around the glass edge 'Be Patient' and try more water or wine if this does not start singing right away. You may start feeling little vibrations on your finger then a sharp harmonious shrill sound will start emanating from your glass. This is because you excite the resonant frequency of the glass.....,,and cause it to sing.

Step 3: The Humming Bottle

Taking the empty wine or water bottle - you can now impress or not depending on how popular you are since the presentation of the last two tricks and maybe? Take the bottle and place aperture edge of bottle on you bottom lip just so you can blow across the top of the opening once it hums, you can change the pitch by adding water each time you blow. Because as the volume increases, the resonance inside the bottle will change frequency ;)

Step 4: Noise Maker, Annoying and Louder Then Them ;)

You have left the restaurant with family in tow and you want to grab some fresh air and a little exercise to walk of that Starter, Main & Dessert you just had! The thing is when children have eaten, they do not feel sleepy, actually they feel more energetic than you do. They are making lots of noise by now or being annoying at least.... If you are near a park pick up a wide blade of grass and place between both thumbs, image (1-2). Keep grass or paper taut and then place you lips around the aperture created by your thumbs and blow hard ( you now sound like a duck in distress) !!!!!

Noise maker two is similar to blowing over the bottle to make it hum, take paper or a piece of plastic pull taut ,image (3) and place between you lips and blow until an ear-popping shrill wistle comes out, if you do it in surprise, heads will turns from miles away ;-)

Please Rate and comment on these little amusing delights ......,

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    inspecter gadget

    3 years ago

    I have added some demonstrations to this instructable ;-D


    3 years ago

    I only see one cool trick! Where are the other 4?

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    inspecter gadgetwold630

    Reply 3 years ago

    I have been having editor problem so I published two of 5 so far rest are coming.....