5 - Crowd Pranks

Introduction: 5 - Crowd Pranks

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

Note :-

Be carefull some times it may imprison U. Some of the crowd pranks cause injuries to some one if the crowd start running.

Apart from that crowd pranks make u lot of them happy. Doing single cause small effect, if u form a group and act it makes full effect. Let we see the first 5 Crowd pranks here.

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Step 1: Running From Behind

This one is very fantastic. But don't try this in very crowded area because it cause very serious effect. Be a single or join as group and shouted 'run for life run for life' or 'escape escape' like wise. Running from behind the peoples and found the effect. Test it with only 4 to 5 peoples in a place.

Step 2: Look Up Other Side

This one is harmless. This prank need a partner or more. Show them the opposite side of the crowd facing. Mostly use the sky to show. And talk loudly 'Ohh Amazing', 'What a wonder', 'Its not possible'. U see in few minutes the whole crowd see whats that.

Step 3: Handcuff

Go inside the crowd with handcuff. Travel in public vehicle or places and see the effect. Some times it may harm u.

Step 4: Act Like Mad in Crowd

This also harm u some time. Make some funny things. Don't do any irritate things. Wear teared dress and shoes. Speak like prince. Its very funny.

Step 5: Fainted in the Crowd

This one is also fantastic but do this in the crowd cause dangerous effect. So don't try this in huge crowd. Be a group of nearly 10 or more. Stand between persons and act like fainted one after another with some vibration in the body and hold ur neck. If one after another get fainted. The whole crowd get feared.


Don't try the first and last one in unknown crowd. Result may some one harm or u get severe punishment.

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    5 years ago

    Absolutely none of these are a good idea. There is zero humor and a lot of danger.