5 C's of Survivability


Introduction: 5 C's of Survivability

I got this from Dave Canterbury and I haven't seen this on instructables so I figured I would put it out there. The whole idea of the 5 C's is to beable to sustain yourself for a short period of time with just these five essentials.

Step 1: Cutting Tool

Step 2: Container

Step 3: Combustion

Step 4: Cover

Step 5: Cordage



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    There needs to be something related to water purification. The canteen can be used to boil water, but I would buy a metal one. Great instructable!

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    The canteen cover/case has a pocket for water purification tablets and you can get a canteen cup that the canteen fits in and also a stove for heating water and or cooking. All of these can be bought at a Military Surplus Store.

    Short, Sweet, Simple. I Like it.