5 DIY Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home




Introduction: 5 DIY Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Your home is arguably one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life, so you no doubt want to make it as big a one as possible, especially if you’re considering selling it in the near future.

Therefore we’ve put together a list of 5 DIY projects that you can do in your home that will help increase the value of it, and will impress potential buyers as they view it.

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Step 1: Give Your Home’s Entranceway a Facelift

Updating and improving your home’s entranceway is the perfect place to start, as it provides people with their first impression of your house. If it’s looking a bit tired from the outside, it may be time to give it a new lease of life. Things like painting your front door, changing the surrounding shrubbery and plants and upgrading things like the gravel or steps leading up to your home will all make a huge difference and are all relatively simple.

Step 2: Give the Kitchen a New Lick of Paint

The kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to selling it, as it’s said to be either the biggest selling point or biggest turn off for potential buyers. Therefore even doing something simple like painting the walls a better colour or painting the cabinets can make a huge impact. You could paint your large appliances such as the washing machine and dishwaser too to improve their appearance.

Step 3: Replace Your Old, Tired Flooring

Likewise, flooring is another one of those huge factors people look at when buying a house, as they’ll see good flooring as a huge positive as everyone knows how expensive it is to upgrade your flooring. Therefore we’re not suggesting replace all of them, but maybe just the ones that have been around the longest. You could get a professional clean for your carpet instead which works well too. You can hire someone to do this for you on sites like www.hirejungle.co.ukInstall built-in wardrobes.

Step 4: Install Built-in Wardrobes

Wardrobes are another one of those things people groan about when mentioned as they’re so expensive. If you’re handy with wood and a drill, why not consider installing built-in ones in the master bedroom? These will be a huge plus to potential buyers who’ll know they won’t have to fork out for wardrobes when moving into your home, and they’ll take a mental note of the fact it’ll be one less thing to haul onto the removal van! There are guides online for building a built-in wardrobe too.

Step 5: Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Your windows will help tell the story of your home, so make it a good one by upgrading the window treatments. This refers to things like curtains, blinds or basically anything you use to surround your curtains. There are loads of ideas for this on Pinterest that are worth checking out so you can look at what some wonderfully creative people have done to improve the appearance of their windows.

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