5$ DIY Phone Cover/case

Introduction: 5$ DIY Phone Cover/case

My phone looked kind of old because the back cover opaintstarted peeling off. So in the spirit of making I decided to make a custom phone case/cover/back plate to complement my love for iron man.


Spray paint x 2

spray laquer

Masking tape

Pen knife

I had everything so the build was 0$ for me

Step 1: Prepare, and Spray Paint

Picture your design in your head, and think of the colour scheme. There will be two colours, one is the background, and the other is the colour of the object.

First spray paint a few thin coats of the colour you want your object to be in. In my case the object would be in red so my first coat was in red.

In the next step we prepare the design

Step 2: Design

While the first coat is drying, take making tape and lay it on a cutting surface. Then cut your shape on to masking tape. This part will be what the final finished piece will look like. Look at the above picture no.1

Take another piece of masking tape, and dirty it. What I mean is that stick it onto random objects so it looses some of its stickiness. Stick this semi sticky piece of tape onto the design, and pull the design onto the semi sticky piece of tape.

Now place this piece of tape on the phone, and transfer the design onto the phone. Since the transfer tape is only semi sticky, the transfer tape should easily peel of.

If this part confuses you, then look at the picture 2 onwards, or drop a comment down below

Step 3: Final Coat

Spray the final background coat over the whole phone. Since you have covered the designed part with masking tape, theat colour will remain.

Peel of the masking tape only when all the paint is dry. sugest waiting day for the paint to dry.

As a final coat add some clear lacquer on to the back plate to seal everything off and to give the design some depth

That's it happy building. Feel free to drop any comments below

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    You could use drafting tape. Way back when architectural drawings were done by hand you used drafting tape to hold the paper to your drafting board. It was strong enough to hold the paper to the board, but wouldn't stick to the paper enough to tear it when it was removed. I think they still sell it in hoby stores.

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    That should be fine. I have also used something called transfer tape in the past, and that was made for vinyl. The only use for the tape, is for transferring the design. I you have a design with only one piece, or a few big pieces, then your hand should be enough. But as you can see my piece had many small and intricate pieces in close proximity to each other. Therefore I had to use tape to transfer the design.

    Hope that helped. Please ask more