$5 Easy Infinity Shirt Tutorial




Introduction: $5 Easy Infinity Shirt Tutorial

[Photo by Ama Wertz]

I came up with the idea for this shirt during the heat wave in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

I had just started beauty school, with its "all black" dress code, and all of my black things were sweaters, because this is San Francisco and we only experience summer for thirty minutes a day all year except July, and I could not bear to wear a sweater during a heat wave when I'd be blowdrying and using hot curling irons, so...

...I doodled and fantasized at lunch that sweaty day about the lightweight, sophisticated top I could make with the $5 bill in my wallet and the 30 minutes of spare time I had that evening. And I came up with what I can only accurate describe as the Infinity Slit shirt. If anyone has a better idea of what to call it, let me know. lol.

Step 1: Select Your Fabric

Meet the lovely Eyreka and Ama! Eryka is a designer and fellow beauty school student, also known as Skin Beauty Fairy, and Ama is a fiber artist (also featured in Easy Retro Curls). Thanks for your help and grace, ladies. <3

Start with a lightweight knit fabric, like cotton jersey. You want it to be as stretchy and comfy as possible.

To determine the length, take the measurement from your shoulder to wherever you want the piece to end -- in this case, hip-length -- and double it.

To determine the width, take the measurement from your elbow to elbow (across your shoulders).

Step 2: Create the Collar

First, fold the fabric in half hamburger-style (in other words, fold the shorter pair of the opposing ends together).

Then fold it in half again, perpendicular to your original fold. Cut a slit down the top of that fold about 4". Unfold the fabric and try it on. Snip to fit.

Step 3: Create the Waistline

With the fabric over your head, mark with chalk or pins two parallel marks near your bell button, wherever you want the waistline to be.

Fold the fabric perpendicular to your collar slit, above the first chalk mark. Fold it in half in the opposite direction (so that the folded corner shows the chalk mark). Cut into that fold. It should be a horizontal line to your waist.

Cut the bottom chalk mark parallel to, and equal length as, your first waistline slit. These slits should be wide enough for you to pull the garment on around your shoulders, bust, etc, but just tight enough to hug you comfortably around the waist.

Step 4: Put It On!

We've figured out two methods for putting it on.

1) The hanging method: With the garment on a hanger, take the two back corners and slide them over the top waistline slit, into the garment, and back out the bottom waistline slit. So you should see a wide horizontal slit on one side of the garment and the "waistbelt" on the other side.

2) The...other method: Pull the "waistbelt" on over your head so that most of the fabric is to either your front or back, depending on which way you want to wear it. Take that fabric, pull it over your head through the collar slit, and tuck it all into the waistbelt.

[Eryka and Ama model the versatility of the garment -- you can wear it with the open side in front or back.]

Step 5: Make Another One!

Lol if you want to, of course. I've already made three Infinity Slit shirts for myself, including a longer dress version. I want to make a floor-length one out of sweater fabric! And as you can see, Ama went home and made herself a second Infinity Square shirt out of a lightweight knit - so, so pretty.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this Instructable! Feel free to check out my blog, connect with me on Twitter, follow me on Instagram, or check out my Pinterest boards.

[Photos by Ama Wertz]



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    18 Discussions

    Fanzine: Could you maybe help the rest of us out since you understand? Still no responses tip posts on here by the person who posted this.

    1 reply

    I can see how it works. The top isn't sewn at the sides at all, there are slits for a belt to go through the front & back of the material at the waist, effectively acting as pseudo stitching. Without the belt going through, the top would be a poncho if you can visualise that? Hope I've made it clearer for you :-S

    Really pretty and perfect for some of the veritable mountain of fabric I have currently surrounding me (in my defense - 1, by know, the vast amount of fabric & yarn totally counts as raising our northern ohio's home insulation levels AND... my husband goes to the store, sees fabric that 'maybe you could do something with' and rather then buy a bit.. buys the bolt. Completely not my fault I'll one day die in a fabric slide!) In desperate need of clothing since I lost a ton of weight, and at 6'2, a 34E and a size 8... not a whole lot on the shelves for me, so to the machine I must go! Thanks so much for the instructions!

    I think it might help to have a picture of how you are arranging the fabric when you are putting it on? I love this look, but I can't picture in my head how you are doing this. It feels like some steps are missing. Maybe I just can't follow the verbal instructions very clearly. More pictures would be appreciated!

    Great top, very easy and looks wonderful. One question though, what prevents boob exposure when you raise an arm? I wear attractive bras but there are places, like the grocery store where it wouldn't be really appropriate to show them off.

    1 reply

    Perhaps a video of the blouse being made? & maybe answer some of the other reader's questions? I was hoping to see your answers, as I have the same questions

    This is such a cool shirt/dress! I'm really confused about the belt instructions though, could you include some pictures or a diagram of those steps? I'd love to make this one!

    The shirt looks great if there is a way to wear it without the opening showing. I think I understand that you just put it on backward. It's hard to see that step because the fabric is black in your pictures. Maybe you could add a few more pictures? I love the whole idea of the easy Infinity Shirt.

    Yeah no idea of what those pictures are instructing me to do, back to the drawing board :\

    could you please either clarify the instructions with more details and or more photos of each step. It's actually quite confusing in it's simplicity. The photos only show the finished product and one cut. Can you draw a diagram? I've read this three times and I'm not that stupid but I can't figure it out and I've even cut a scrap piece to try to work it out and I've failed. I need more information, please.

    Hello! A little lost on the set of instructions for cutting the waistband- it's hard to picture in my head. More detail? Thank you for tge instruct able!

    2 replies

    I've read and look at pictures and not getting how this is done. Looks like a cool blouse.

    I had to cut a model on small paper to understand. I cut it wrong first time: neck hole is perpendicular to hem. I almost didn't get that the waist strap is cut into only one of the two sides (parallel to hem). It took me a while to figure out you were modeling the same wrap just backwards - I needed to picture both front and back of one person with arms stretched out. Then the lightbulb went on. You are brilliant! Thanks! I've been scared of using knit fabrics. This has drama and grace.

    I live in the UK and live and die in this style of blouse. I am disabled, a wheelchair user and very much over weight and these blouses are cool, feminine, cheap to make, flattering and easy to slip on/off. You can also make the design into a dress and wear it as it is or with a belt across the middle. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful "ible" with us c