5 Easy Life Hacks That Are Totally Useful

These 5 life hacks are brilliant for all your needs!

Step 1: Chargers

Instead of leaving all your chargers tangled up and messy, use binder clips to organize them easily.

Step 2: Makeup Organizer (eyeshadow in Particular / for All the Ladies Out There!)

Organizing your makeup is easy with this hack! Use an ice cube tray to store your eye shadow shades so you can see them all at the same time!

Step 3: Scarves!

Keep your scarves neat and tidy by knotting them onto hangers and hanging them from a wall!

Step 4: Bed Sheets!

To store all your bed sheets, fold and store them inside of some pillowcases. This way, when you take them out you will have a full bed set!

Step 5: Bobby Pins! (once Again for the Ladies!)

Do you hate buying a pack of bobby pins and then losing them in 2 days? Well, by sticking them all on a magnet, you won't lose any!



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