5$ Fan for Soldering Station

Introduction: 5$ Fan for Soldering Station

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Hi guys,

Today I’ll show how you can control a PC fan with a simple circuit that I’ve created this is the easiest way I’ve thought that this could be done. The goal of this project is to create a controlled Fan that will be used when we’re working with the soldering iron station to remove all the fumes. (you’ll see the difference in the video)

It’s my very first circuit so if anyone finds any mistake in my circuit please leave a comment here and help me improve it!

Before this circuit I’ve tried 3 different circuits but they all failed so let’s start with this one.

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Here is the demonstration of the circuit working:

Step 1: Parts Required

    1x Stripboard
    1x 12V Power Supply (It will probably give something around 15V if you measure)
    1x Project Box
    1x PC Fan
    1x 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor
    1x 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor
    1x 12V Voltage Regulator (part number 7812)
    1x 5k Potentiometer
    1x Diode (1N4007 or 1N4004 for example)

Note: you need to cut the wires from your transformer and measure with a multimeter the volts, you just need 13V/14V if your transformer is giving more than that you need to had a heat sink to your voltage regulator otherwise your breadboard/stripboard will melt!

Step 2: Schematics and Soldering

You need to analyse the schematics carefully and start thinking where you're going to place all the components.
After that you need to solder everything, or if you prefer just try this circuit on a breadboard, I've also made some schematics for that.

Then you just need to put everything inside the project box and use some hot glue to attach the fan to the project box.

Step 3: Let's See the Final Product

If you didn't watched the video you can see the difference on it when I'm soldering with the fan on and off.
I hope you guys enjoy this simple project.

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thanks for reading!

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