5$ Flame Thrower




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Very simple:
Get a sprey deodrant/paint and a lighter, combine.

PLEASE BE CAREFULL WHEN USING. Keep note that i do not take any responsebility......

Trying to make a bomfire when raining?? USE THIS
Want to burn the house down when the parents not here?? USE THIS
Got a musquito in youre room that wont leave you alone?? USE THIS
Are you just screw-loose?? USE THIS

I put this on workshop "lighting" because this would set fire to a fire estinguisher.

Step 1: Deodrant / Sprey Paint (or Spray)

The cheaper the better.
The cheaper the deodrants and spray paints, the more unstable the chemicals are. And it catches fire

Step 2: Lighter

A flip-light lighter is better because you can continuosly light it without anything holding the gas.

BUT if you want to stick with the five bucks thing use celatape and a rubber band.

Step 3: Tape the Two 2gether

Just do it

Either electric or duct tape

Step 4: Open "fire"

DONT USE IT IN HOUSE unless youre a genious like me....



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    Any particular spray that y'all know of that works best? He said the cheaper the better, so I'm thinking a can of spray paint cause I've got that just lying around....

    Would that work?

    2 replies

    Aerosol is the propellant and is highly flamable, any aerosol product with cause a flame thrower effect. I.E. sunscreen, bug spray, spray paint, spray deodorant.