5$ Homemade UV LED Headlamp How To. (Super Powerful!!)

Introduction: 5$ Homemade UV LED Headlamp How To. (Super Powerful!!)

About: I am just a person who loves doing crazy and fun things... I always love to try to innovate when I can, and share any new discoveries I find... That is why I have recently started recording my shenanigans ...

In the above video I show how I make a Super powerful UV Headlamp for under $5 and show you how you can make your own! Hope you guys like it :) Thanks for checking it out.

Music Used:

-"Name Lost" (https://youtu.be/vasBBIUl3cM)
-Lost Night (https://youtu.be/Odbl9N8lc_0)
-Lazy Beat (https://youtu.be/GMLTCJJe_cw)
-Above the Clouds (https://youtu.be/7bk3HyfUQVA)
-Techno Castle (https://youtu.be/l2i4gNsVWyU)
-Techno Castle Invert (https://youtu.be/RiCNl3sIeBM)

All are solely owned and created by me.

Green Fire vid: (https://youtu.be/GLYZoEiIYCo)

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