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In this project, we're going to make a DIY monitor using an 5 inch HDMI touch screen and a 3D printed enclosure.

A display monitor is a very helpful tool for video production, you can check the pictures right away to make the adjustment。

OK, let's find out what we need:

1. A camera which support HDMI output. such as NICON or Cannon and so on.

2. 3D printer.

3. 5 Inch 800*480 HDMI Resistive Touch Screen LCD Display for Raspberry Pi 2/3/B+

4. HDMI cable with MiniHDMI cable or a MiniHDMI converter.

5. A bracket, you can just design it and print it by 3D printer or make it by yourself.

6. M3 screw X 4

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Step 1: Print Out the Screen Enclosure and Assemble It.

At the very beginning, print out the screen enclosure, you can just download from the links below:

5 Inch LCD HDMI Touch Screen enclosure

You can assemble it after printing the enclosure just by that four screws.

Step 2: Connect It to Your Camera With HDMI Cable

You can just plug it into your camera with HDMI cable.you can see that MiniHDMI cable is smaller than normal HDMI cable, and also you can just buy a HDMI converter as the pictures that showing.

Step 3: Setup Your Bracket for the Monitor

Setup the bracket for the monitor, and put your 5 inch touch screen on it. It's perfect fit for this screen...

Step 4: Turn on Your Camera and Enjoy It

let my camera focus on my Mac book pro, and take a photo.

That is really nice,fantastic and low-cost display perfect for DIY projects like monitoring arial drone shots, mobile gaming, and of course video production and photography. Thanks for your watching!

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    Reply 5 months ago

    no, just using the hmdi cable to power it on.`


    Reply 3 years ago

    hi ,thanks for you reply! it does not need any external power supply, just a hdmi cable will be ok.


    3 years ago

    hi sangoma90, It does not need any external power... just a hdmi cable is enough.


    Great design. This would be perfect for shooting movies outdoors. The 5 inch screen would let you see a lot more detail than the camera view finder.

    1 reply

    thanks for your reply, I am going to fix a little bug on the enclosure, and add a hole on the bottom of it, put a screw in it, and find a Camera Bracket that can hold the screen on the top of my camera... it will be soon...