5 Min High Voltage Ignition TUTORIAL

Introduction: 5 Min High Voltage Ignition TUTORIAL

A super-easy and super-reliable high voltage ignition for your spudgun!

Don't shock yourself...first step after disassembly: Clip the battery!

Step 1: Tools and Material


- Screwdriver

- Soldering iron

- Sharp knife


- Solder

- Wire

- Arc Lighter ( gearbest link https://goo.gl/gWlMCW )

- Voltage display ( gearbest link https://goo.gl/iyGJLP ) optional!

- Slide switch

- Momentary switch

- AA holder

- Li Ion battery 14500 (optional)

- 2-3mm shrinktube or hotglue (for wire insulation)

Step 2: The Steps

1. Remove the screw at the bottom of the lighter

2. Clip the battery! Then remove the tiny rods which hold the metal part in place.

3. Slide off the metal part, then pull the electrode-wires out of their holder. Cut off the isolation at the tips.

4. Cut off the battery and the tiny switch, attach - of the holder to the black wire, then + to the red wire, but with a slide-switch somewhere in line!

5. Solder the momentary switch to the (in this case) pink wires.

6. Voltage display - soldered to battery - and + to the "output" of the slide-switch, not where the battery goes in!

7. Extend the electrode-wires with some wire, make sure to mark the wires facing each other!

Now you can put the battery and board in a grip or housing and use the new switch as a trigger. Perfect for any

spud gun, lighter gun or whatever you need to explode.

Step 3: Instructional Video

The video shows my progress as I go, from A to Z...start to finish! Hope this helps.

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