5 Minute Book Page Holder




Introduction: 5 Minute Book Page Holder

This is probably - by far - the easiest and cheapest to make tutorial I will ever write.

This is something I made for my mom to use with her cookbooks. I did not invent this - I saw it once at a friends house and said that I will never buy something like this because it's too easy to make by myself.

This book page holder can be used not only for cookbooks - It's good for when you want to read in bed, It's good when there is wind blowing and turning your pages or when you just want to hold your book in one hand!

Hardware you will need:

Pliers & Cutter or Multi-Tool with Pliers and Cutter
Permanent Marker

Materials you will need:

Simple, cheap, metal shirt-hanger (the kind you get from the dry cleaning)


A large paper clip (3" long)

Few notes before we begin

* As you will see I used a shirt hanger that was painted in white - The bendings ruined the coating and it doesn't look so nice so I think it's better to use a hanger with the original metallic finish.

* You can try changing the lenghts of the bendings according to your use - a thick book / magazine / newspaper.

* Try to bend as straight as possible (90 degrees)

* You can spray paint the page holders with any color after you are done - just don't forget to let it dry.

* Paper clips are easier to work with than the shirt hangers but if you need a stronger holder - the hanger is better.

* You can use any other similar material as long as you got the idea.

Step 1: Cutting the Hanger / Straightening the Paper Clip

This part is for making the metal piece ready for bending.

If you are using a paper clip - open / straighten it as shown in the pictures and press it with the pliers to make it as straight as possible, my paper clip was about 10" / 25cm when straight.

If you are using a shirt hanger - cut a 10" / 25cm piece from the straight part.

Step 2: Marking the Bending Lines

Take your 10" / 25cm piece and mark it like that using the permanent marker:

2"  -  0.6"  -  0.6"  -  0.8"  -  0.2"  - 2"  - 0.2"  -  0.8"  -  0.6"  -  0.6"  -  2"

I have included an illustration of how it supposed to be at the end + the length of the lines.

Step 3: Bending the Wire

Images in this step are only for the shirt hanger but are exactly the same as for the paper clip.

The images are in the order of the progress.

1. Start bending the wire around he center (2" / 5 cm)

2. Bend 0.2" / 0.5cm and then 0.8" / 2cm on each side.

3. Bend 0.6" on both sides together

4. Bend 2" / 5cm ends together

5. Fix the wire structure so it will look good and symmetrical.

Step 4: Bending the Paper Clip

Same directions as the last part - Only with a paper clip.

Step 5: Using the Book Page Holder!

1. Insert the ends of the holder to the top of the book

2. Separate the pages.

3. Push down the holder to hold the pages.

4. To change the page just pull the holder up just a little, turn the page and push back.

5. When you are done reading just put the hanger on the side as shown in the last image.

Good Luck!
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    2 years ago

    I am having a really hard time bending my clothes hangers. I wonder if my hangerq is thicker than yours. I’m going to try again tomorrow. If I can’t get mine bent properly, I think I will get some craft wire and try. I am planning on covering it with wicky tape. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Router man
    Router man

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Here's the photo. I covered the wire before bending as it was near impossible to get the cover round the curves.

    2013-02-28 13.36.49.jpg2013-03-01 09.18.37.jpg2013-03-01 09.18.49.jpg
    Router man
    Router man

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I thought this was great and made it straight away, I have loads of huge medical textbooks to keep open and it works perfectly. The only problem I found was that the paperclips I used tended to mark the pages of the book. This was easily sorted by covering the wire with earth wire insulation. Now it works well and doesn't mark the pages. Its also nice and colorful in yellow and green.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm really happy you found this helpfull and useful (: I would love to see a picture of your book holders!


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Not a bad idea... I like it ! ^^