5 Minute Firestarter




Introduction: 5 Minute Firestarter

About: My name is Alen and i study electronic engineering. I love to make anything that needs electricity, hack and mod things as well building anything AWESOME...

In this Instructable i will show you how to make portable,small burning firestarter that you can use for camping,BBQ;survival kit or maybe zombie apocalypse 

Items you will need
1 paper towel or toilet paper
Wax (you can use it from old candle)
Candle warmer (hot plate to melt the wax)

All of these items you can find at your home

Wax is very hard to clean up and it can be very hot!
Do this only in ventilated area or outside!

You need to melt wax on hot plate,put paper on to soak the wax and then when its cooled you cut it in half and roll it



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    4 years ago

    I used scented wax so it will smell good ( i used buttercream pie)

    Looks quite a lot like mine :-)

    1 reply

    oh i didnt see that :) i was actually trying to do the candle wick but then i make this and i post it to instructable (it wasnt instructable writen about this)