5 Minute Pocket Pen Slingy

Introduction: 5 Minute Pocket Pen Slingy

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Feeling bored? This great addictive shooter will keep you entertained. and the great thing is, you can make it in 5 minutes with some dead cheap materials. you can just aim and shoot it very easily. feeling sick? on the bed? if you have this, with more darts/bullets, you can play with it in the room itself with a dartboard (or just soft styrofoam painted like a dartboard temporarily). Note: as the bullet/dart has very pointy ball point, it is dangerous to all living beings. so please don't hurt anything or anyone with this. instead, show affection to them. And this is pocket sized. so you can bring it anywhere, anytime with ease and also gift it to your favorite person who always falls into boredom.

Step 1: You'll Need These.

This project is so easy, that I use the slingy to play, then remove the slingy's parts and assemble the pen's parts and work with it.
now let's come back for the materials.
1) A ball point pen, should be unified in shape and the tube should be hollow if all parts is removed.
2) A flexible rubber elastic band. Should be thin but strong.
3) Two stapler pins. one is used here. second one is for the time when first one wears out.
4) A duct tape.

Step 2: Making the Slingy

Now we're on. First de-assemble the parts of the pen. You'll mainly need the tube and the dart.
Then place an edge of the elastic band with tape on the side of a pen. Now it is half done.
Make the stapler pin in the shape of the letter ''z''.  Place one edge on the hole inside the dart and another hooked up with the elastic band. note: never use the tape at the pin's side. And you have made it.

Step 3: Conclusion

Now you have made it. It is just a good time-passing thing. All you have to do is just pull the dart and release it. To reload, just hook the pin to the hole inside the dart.  And enjoy!
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