5 Minute Throwie Glowing Ice Cube Bucket




Introduction: 5 Minute Throwie Glowing Ice Cube Bucket

Make a ice cube bucket glow in 5 minutes with any number of LED Throwies. 
Great for a nighttime barbecue.   Lots of variations are possible.  Here is what you will need:

1) Clear Ice Bucket
2) Piece of wood (I happened to have 4"x6"x1 5/8")
3) Fornester Drill Bit (1" for loose fit, 7/8" for tight fit)
4) Drill Press (or hand drill)
5) Throwies (See Throwies Instructables - version with battery holder - ~$0.60 each).

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Step 1: Drill Holes for Throwies

Drill  holes evenly spaced out under the ice cube bucket.  Holes should be 1" deep. I found 2 LEDs were fine for a 6" high bucket in a darkened room.  Wood could be painted black but I didn't bother since I used a nice piece of wood.   

Step 2: Assemble LED Throwies

Solder each LED  to each battery holder such that LED points straight up. Best LEDs have a narrow focus.  I used blue LEDs  to enhance the coolness of the ice.  Place batteries in Throwies and place in holes.

Step 3: Serve Cold

Fill bucket with ice and place bucket on base.  Do not put bucket in freezer or frost may form on bucket (unless of course you like the look of that).  Serve.

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    This looks very cool and would be a striking centerpiece at a party, but will the melting ice short out the throwies? If they need to stay dry, would placing the block with throwies in a plastic bag be a good option? I confess to having very limited experience with LEDs so my concern with meltwater may be unnecessary


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    In this case probably the only concern might be from condensation off the ice bucket in humid weather filling the holes. It might be a good idea to drill a drain hole at the bottom of each 1" hole since it would be quick.

    We have used Throwies to illuminate small ice luminaries.

    While plain Throwies work under water I noticed the "LED Frosties" Instructable suggests covering Throwies with plastic wrap.