Minimalistic Wood and Metal Chain

This is a quick, simple and chic 5 minute DIY. All you need are beautiful twigs collected from your garden or on your trips, some wire and a chain. This is a gorgeous way to commemorate your special trips. The twig in my chain is from home, and this way, I'll have a piece of home with me all the time! :)

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Step 1: You Need

- Interesting looking twig collected from your garden or on trips
- Soft bendy wire
- 1 chain of desired length (you can reuse an old one like I did)

Step 2: Make the Pendant

1. Wrap the wire around one end of the twig. When you have almost used up 3/4 of the wire, make a small loop of wire and then wrap the remaining wire around the twig.
2. Repeat for the other side. Now you should have two loops in either end.
3. Insert the chain through the loops.

Step 3: Wear It!

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