5 Minutes Christmas Neopixel Led Strip

Christmas is near!

Let's build animated led strip in just 5 minutes!

It is really simple, because the magic is in the software! Just solder three wires, upload software and voila: you have animated led strip! You cannot find this in any shop, it is unique. The program sketch consists of 33 different animation algorithms, selected in random order. You can enjoy this toy all the night.

The component you need:

  • DC 5V 50PCS WS2811 RGB Full Color 12mm Pixels digital Addressable LED String WS - 2 pcs (or more if you want longer strip)

  • The 5v 4-6A power supply. I used mean well.
  • arduino nano (or similar)
  • 470 Ohm resistor.
  • plastic case

The software can be downloaded from the github repository.

Merry Christmas!



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