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Introduction: 5 Pringles Tricks | Simple Life Hacks


Step 1: To Do a 5 Pringles Tricks | Simple Life Hacks You Need!!! (Life Hack 1)

Hey girl hey! Welcome back to my channel everyone! Today I want to show you guys 5 Pringles Tricks, simple life hacks that will change your life!

Step 2: (Life Hacks 2)

Probably the most popular use for a Pringles can is spaghetti or makeup brushes container.

Step 3: (Life Hacks 3)

There are so many things you can make from Pringles cans.

Step 4: (Life Hacks 4)

A lot of these are so easy and I can't believe I just found out about them!

Step 5: (Life Hacks 5)

These Life Hacks Everyone Should Know !



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    I use the tube to make great candle moulds.

    Am I the only one that doesn't understand a thing? Seriously...

    9 replies

    I had to do some close squinting too. 1) how to get Pringles out without reaching into the cylinder: stick a piece of wax or butcher's paper in as a half circle and pull them out. Okay. 2) Make a brush/pencil holder. Cut it short. Poster covers with aluminized tape? 3) DIY coaster: Just cut off the metal bottom part. 4) Makeup pad dispenser: I assume you'd clean out the canister really well or risk rubbing oil on your skin. Anyway, cut out a simicircle by tracing a pad on the bottom. Presto, dispenser. 5) Emergency kindling. Light chip on fire.

    The canisters are useful for a lot of DIY camera lens stuff too.

    *(I was hinting the fact that I have several 'Ibles that are (probably) better than this that didn't get featured)

    Are you sure? I'm seeing that you've published 68 (great job by the way) and have 68 featured. Maybe my interface is acting incorrectly.

    I have 68 'Ibles, But 19 out of them are featured.

    Pretty much all of my first 30 Instructables were had one step, Because I was sharing the projects that I made before finding about Instructables...

    Now (almost) all of them are "How-To's"

    That said, I also understand your point that it would be nice to have fuller instructions. Morena, you typically like to have very brief instructions and lean more on the YouTube/video element to help your readers get the full sense of the project.

    This works for many. For some, like me, and if I can speak for yonatan24 and Ka G, a fuller instruction set would be desirable. I'm not saying you should write a novel, but perhaps put a little more down in ways of description so we know what's going on? I would thank you.

    Nope! I Have No Idea What To Do!

    That is so cool!

    This is an example that makes me question how the Instructables Admin feature things.

    no if you burn the chip the smell spreads and your house smells like chips people should know this duh