5 Really Helpful Glue Gun Hacks

Introduction: 5 Really Helpful Glue Gun Hacks

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Step 1: Fix It Up Match

Add a ring of hot glue around a match stick
Then when you need to fix something you can light your match and the glue will melt allowing you to smother the glue onto something and fix it:)

Step 2: Slippery Socks and Hangers

Add dots of glue to your fuzzy night socks and make them no slip! To make hangers not drop your clothes make squiggles on the top parts of the hangers

Step 3: Melted Crayon Drawing

DISCLAIMER I am not responsible for any damage done to your glue gun or any injuries to you

Stick a crayon were you usually put you glue and have a piece of paper ready to draw melted crayon on

Step 4: Make Up Brush Cleaner

What you need

Piece of plastic that you don't need

Glue gun

Take your glue gun and make a bunch of dots/chevron pattern/ stripes on the plastic

Use by taking your make up brush and the plastic and run the bristles along it while water is running on it

Step 5: More Glue?!

Take your next glue stick and melt the tip of it with the glue gun. Then attach the melty tip onto the old one and so when you are nearing the end of the other glue stick it won't fall out.

Step 6: A Little Extra From Sixsmith

Denatured alcohol is great for removing hot glue

A spritz ofCanned "air" held upside down will set hot glue super fast


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    3 years ago

    Thank you six smith I will add those with credits to you:)


    3 years ago

    If I may add two additional tips.
    Denatured Alcohol is great at removing hot glue

    and a spritz of caned "air" held upside down will set hot glue super fast.


    3 years ago

    Ha ha that is correct! :D don't forget to vote for this project


    3 years ago

    Every time I use my really small and old glue gun I say "I've got to get a good one!" I think this year Santa is bringing me one! My only advice for a glue gun? OWN ONE! :)