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Introduction: 5 Second Build Concentrated Wind Tunnel

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Whenever you get to hot and need a quick cool down and the air conditioner just doesn't seem to be cutting it, there is a technique that I use to make a quick concentrated cool down. A fan works, but most of us know unless your standing right in front of it it really doesn't do much to cool down quickly in a room. 

Looking for a quick cheap anyone can do fast cool down? How fast, it takes as long as it would take you to tie a knot!

"5 Second Build Concentrated Wind Tunnel"

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Because this is super low tech You should already have all the materials handy, If not they are super cheap at any family dollar.


Fitted Sheet (the bigger the better, in the pics shows a king size)

Step 2: The Technique!

Well here it is simple and easy:

First take one of the fitted sheets elastic sides and and tie a knot from the two sewed corners to create a loop.
Next stretch the elastic loop over the rim of your fan, making sure the open side and your knot is at the bottom of the fan ( this is an important step, do not drape over the back of the fan this will block the airflow losing the effect)
Finally drape the other elastic end of your recliner tucking the corners into the folds of the chair.

Turn on the fan and the sheet will fill with air like one of those holiday air blown decorations. Climb in through the opening at the bottom with a good book, your laptop, or just to take a little cat nap, enjoying the concentrated wind tunnel effect instead of losing a lot of the air to the rest of the room. Not to mention the calming reminiscence of back in the days of childhood building sheet tents over your bed or over the kitchen chairs.

Some other great tips using this technique: when lying down in tuck the sheet under you leaving the bottom near your feet slightly open to create a rushing air feeling. If your using a box fan with metal sides use magnets to secure the sheet to the fan. You can also use a long buingee cord to secure the sheet as well.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this works like a dream. My husband came up with a similar idea years ago for the night time -clipping a top sheet to a fan with a strong bulldog clips- we use a turbo fan btw- it definately makes the humid nights more comfortable. Separate top sheets are a good idea if you have a partner who doesn't feel the heat.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That's actually a funny coincidence, when I first started doing this I used those curtain rod clips to secure the sheet and after awhile the clips just started to disappear so i just started knotting them tho save time and cost, the fitted sheets elastic band was the trick. I once used a floor style fan and several sheets all pined together to cover my hammock, so the stronger the fan the better the effect. As for my partner she hates it, why? Who knows, probably a fear of enclosed spaces or something. I'd still rather be cool and relaxed than hot and sweaty, just keep my head stuck out somewhere.