5 Second Exploding Popsicle Stick Frizbee




Introduction: 5 Second Exploding Popsicle Stick Frizbee

One summer evening when I was five years old, my uncle taught my sister and I how to make "Bombs" out of the sticks from the ice-pops we just finished. The construction took less than five seconds and our childhood was never the same. We bought a box of Popsicle sticks (available at any craft store or large retailer) and quickly began stockpiling armaments. We then taught the simple construction to our friends (those who did not know it already), and had epic neighborhood battles. Even if no one was able to come over and play, my sister and I would still have major skirmishes in our house, complete with blanket forts, couch cushion shields, safe rooms, and sneak-attacks.

I thought everyone knew how to make them but was surprised this summer when none of my students had done it before. So I figured I'd write this quick guide.

NOTE: To make it more PC (and palatable to parents) I will change the word "Bomb" to "Frisbee", albeit, an "exploding" Frisbee.

ALSO NOTE: Clearly, I never wore safety goggles while doing any of this as a kid but suggest you and your children do. My student helpers in the video are wearing them as a sensible safety precaution.

Step 1: Grab Five Popsicle Sticks From Your Horde

Any five sticks will do, even the crooked ones.

Step 2: Separate 3 Sticks From the 5, Placing the Middle One on Top

Orient the ends of 3 sticks together and spread them out in a fan pattern. The middle stick needs to be ON TOP of the left and right stick. The left and right stick can be in any order, just not on top.

Tightly pinch the ends of the 3 sticks (with the middle one ON TOP!) together.

Step 3: Wedge the 4th Stick

Take the 4th stick from your group of 5 and wedge it between the three fanned sticks in a perpendicular orientation from the middle stick. You have to maintain the pinch pressure on the fanned sticks because you need to wedge the 4th stick ON TOP of the middle stick and UNDERNEATH the left and right sticks.

The positioning should resemble an almost weave-like pattern.

Step 4: Wedge the 5th Stick

Take the 5th and final stick and wedge it between the three fanned sticks. You have to maintain the pinch pressure on the fanned sticks, they will want to come apart. You need to wedge the 5th stick UNDERNEATH the middle stick and ON TOP of the left and right sticks. (Or opposite how you just wedged the 4th stick).

Again, the positioning should resemble an almost weave-like pattern.

Step 5: Rectify and Make Nice

Give good spacing between the 4th and 5th sticks. Balance the positioning of the sticks as best you can for a better flight and better "explosion." With some practice you will soon find that sweet spot between holding together during flight but exploding easily on contact.

Step 6: Chuck It!

Get used to how the Frisbees fly by throwing it at a target. I recommend throwing it at something hard and big (like a wall) in the beginning to make sure it "explodes". If you throw it at a soft target (like your dog) before you understand the velocity you need, it might just bounce off and fall to the ground.

Step 7: The Most Important Step

Always remember the most important step:


Super quick clip of the conclusion of trying this with my students. Not sure if I will post one of a "battle"... yet...

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Cheap easy and cool to make?

We used these in the early 60 when we battled with our green plastic army men. We each had 100 men 4 Tanks and 100 sticks ......we marked off a 12'x 6' area and placed our men in formations on opposite ends..... then with our elbow on the ground behind the tanks we flipped 20 bombs....... if a stick landed on a tank it could no longer act as a launching site........after the1st round we would get 1 stick for every man still standing ......at the end of round 2 The biggest Army wins. Tanks count the same as 25 men......Try it with your kids or grandkids....... I had even more fun blasting my sisters Barbie's ....try a few drops of ketchup for effect!

I've done this before, it's really fun! The only difference i noticed is that I made the bombs out 4 sticks and you did 5... Maybe yours will make larger explosions from more flying sticks. Good Job though! (i couldn't find any popsicle sticks, so i used paper strips cut by a screwdriver to show you... :) )


with this small contraption... I will make the WORLD go KA-FRICKING-BOOM!!!!

Man its awsome! I'll try to convince my dad (I' am 8 years old) to allow bombs in the house.


3 years ago

Krummrey awesome


3 years ago



3 years ago

This is entirely too fun. Cheap and entertaining. Ty for this!


Pretty cool, but you know some kid's gonna get expelled and his parents' home searched by Homeland Security for bringing a "bomb" to school.

cool little project


3 years ago

Thank you! We need more of this kind of fun.

OOOh, please, would you make a video of this? Looks like fun!