5 Simple Drinking Straw Life Hacks

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Drinking straws are already pretty great for sipping down delicious drinks, but did you know there so much more that can be done besides the ordinary? Fun and inexpensive, straws are versatile and functional. This video shows 5 unusual uses for straws. The possibilities are endless! Drinking straws may be your new best friends — here are five very useful ways to use them.

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(00:12) How to Prevent the Breaking of a Charging Cable

Learn how to reinforce your charging cable in order to avoid its breaking. You will need a drinking straw and a rubber band.

(01:05) How to fix your broken clothes hangers with drinking straws

(02:05) How to Use a Drinking Straw to Protect Razors

Learn this simple and useful travel hack to protect sharp and dangerous razor blades.

(02:58) How to Seal Plastic Bags with Drinking Straws

(03:50) How To Make a Heart Bookmark using a Drinking Straw

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