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Hey momoluvers. It's momo! Today I'll be showing y'all how to create simple eyeliner looks! I hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Supplies

1. Liquid, pencil, gel, or cake liner. (I'm using liquid, which I find the easiest to use.)

Step 2: Simple Flick

Start with a simple line along your lid

Drag the liner outwards to make a small, subtle cat eye

Step 3: Cat Eye

Start off with a simple line along your lid

For the bottom corner, continue the line along your bottom lid

Connect the tip of the flick to the lid.

Fill in the remaining blank spot

Step 4: Dramatic Bold Look

Start off with a simple line along your lid

Like you did with the cat eye, drag out the line from your bottom lid and line it up with the edge of your eyebrow

Continue the line onto your top lid

Step 5: Sixties Flick

Start off with a simple line along your lid.

Draw a line pointing straight up like above

Draw a curved line from the tip of the line to the bottom of the border

Fill it in and draw a short, thin line along the bottom lash line

Step 6: Futuristic Effect

Start out with a simple line along the lid

Drag a line out from your bottom lashes.

Curve the line tracing the upper crease

Step 7: Finished!

Add mascara to your favorite look and that's it! I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial and remember to vote! Love y'all! Bye •_£

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