5 Simple Steps to Sustainable Living

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Five simple ways to live more sustainably. You can begin easily today.

Step 1: Burn Less Fuel

Bike or walk when you can. Drive the more fuel efficient car when you can.

Turn down the cooking gas flame. Cook for today and also for tomorrow, then freeze the extra.

Step 2: Eat Less Meat

When you eat less meat, you'll use fewer resources. Raising cattle for food uses water, depletes land of vegetation, uses energy for processing, refrigeration, transportation and produces methane gas from animal waste.

Step 3: Use Less Water

Water is fast becoming a precious resource. Take shorter showers by turning off the water as you lather up. Water your lawn far less or cover your lawn with wood chips, then turn off the sprinklers.

Step 4: Buy Fewer Things

Manufacturing of products uses fuel, resource materials, packaging and transportation. If you buy less, factories will use less.

More at The Story of Stuff

Step 5: Bonus: Use MORE Solar Power

Yes you can!
Our sun energy is free after installing solar panels (PV solar). Use it for cooking, lighting, electronics and for charging your electric car.

Thanks for considering living more sustainably.



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