5 Tips for Curling Hair


Introduction: 5 Tips for Curling Hair

5 tips for getting the cutest curls (:

Step 1: Tip #1

Use a wand! Wands create the perfect curls withen 15 seconds and heat up super fast. Conair infiniti is my absolute fav brand.

Step 2: Tip #2

Mist over with a finishing spray for all- day perfect curls!

Step 3: Tip #3

For boho, beachy curls, there's no need for heat! Braid wet hair and sleep on it. Take it out in the morning, curl a few peices and voíla!

Step 4: Tip #4

Add a cute bow or accesory for personality.

Step 5: Tip #5

Curl hair away from face for a more framed face.



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    You are very pretty! Love these tips


    5 years ago

    Thank u!!!

    Lol thx my sis used ur tips