5 Top Money Saving Life Hacks

Introduction: 5 Top Money Saving Life Hacks

Money.. There is only so much of it in the world and some times your really need to find ways of saving it, maybe your saving up for something or maybe your in dept. Whatever it may be these simple life hacks will help you save your money little by little.

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Step 1: Life Hack 1: Sandy Stains

If you happen to spill a drink on a desk or table, don't waste money on paper towels. Instead you can pour some sand over the stain and then sweep it up. Depending on how much you spilt, you may be able to reuse the sand for another, unfortunate occasion.

Step 2: Life Hack 2: Brick Tank

By putting a brick in your toilet tank you can save money on your water bills as your toilette will use up less unneccecary water when you flush it. However i have know idea how to get your hands on a brick.

Step 3: Life Hack 3: Lemon Cleaning

Instead of using your money to buy cleaning products, instead you can use half a lemon. Just get your 1/2 lemon and scrub it all over your dirty surface before wiping it down with a bit of toilet paper or cloth.

Step 4: Life Hack 4: Frozen Clean

Say you have a dirty pair of jeans you really want to wear but can't be asked to wash them or don't have a washing machine, you can freeze the jeans and they will start to smell better.

Step 5: Life Hack 5: Tube Music

You want to amplify your music from your iPod but you don't have a speaker. Simply take an empty toilette paper tube cut a slot in the top and insert to pins in the back and front. Slot your iPod or (Phone) into the top slit and you should have a mini amplifier.

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    Pins keep it from falling over.