5 Useful Lifehacks for Outdoorsy People




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For all you people who just love to be outdoors, I've put together a small list of useful hacks to make it even more enjoyable, from destroying the itch from a mosquito bite to keeping your water super cold, here are 5 hacks just for you!!


Step 1: Take Away the Itch From a Mosquito Bite (Method 1)

On your mosquito bite, simply add 2-3 pieces of scotch tape. It almost instantly takes away the itch!!

Step 2: Take Away the Itch From a Mosquito Bite (Method 2)

On your mosquito bite, rub some glue over the bite. In about 15 minutes, the itch will be gone!!

Step 3: Keep Your Water COLD!!

Fill your water bottle 1/3 of the way full with water, then lay it on its side, and stick it in the freezer. When you need it, grab it from the freezer, and fill it up with cold water. Huge ice cube!!!!!

Step 4: Light Up a Whole Tent

Strap a headlamp around a gallon jug filled with water. LIGHT!!!

Step 5: Keep Bugs Away From a Campfire

Add Sage to a campfire to keep bugs away!



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