5 Useful Paper Clips Life Hacks




Introduction: 5 Useful Paper Clips Life Hacks

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Here are some easy life hacks to make your life just a little bit easier!

Step 1: Like a Lock

This is a useful hack when it comes to going on a trip. You should always be aware of your surroundings especially places that are new to you. Pickpockets can be around when you least expect it, look to your left, now look to your right, that person close to you could be one! Just kidding, maybe. If you have a lock handy that would be the best scenario but in case you left yours at home use a paper clip in its place!

Step 2: Keep in Fresh

Who doesn't like a bag of cheetos or (insert favorite snack)? There's always going to be a time when we can't finish the entire snack in one sitting. More of a rare occasion but it happens. Instead of leaving the bag open or folding it closed just to have it end up opening back up slowly; go ahead, and fold the opening of your snack, but this time add paper clips to give it a nice seal!

Step 3: Never Again

Time is the most luxurious thing in the world, so why waste time trying to find the end of the tape. Yes a tape dispenser is convenient but for those big rolls of tape, stick a paper clip on the end before stashing it away. Next time you need tape there's no wasted time spent finding the end!

Step 4: Get Organized

We all have cords that we put away in the graveyard draw of cords. When you do need to get one, all the cords are tangled up. Just by using a rubber band and a paper clip you can now keep all your cords to themselves and have plenty of room for more cords that may never be used!

Step 5: Categorize

Using scraps of paper in books as a reminder of your favorite pages can get really messy. Why not use paper clips instead. They will leave a slight bulge between the pages so you can find the exact page you're looking to go back and see. You can even use color paper clips to categorize images, texts, or anything your heart desires!

Hope you enjoy these simple and easy life hacks!

We're changing lives with one paper clip at a time!

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    22 Discussions

    You could use colored rubber bands instead.


    1 year ago

    Our metal mailbox lost a nut&bolt arrangement on one side of the door, so that when it was opened, the door risked falling off. I used an unfolded paperclip like a twist-tie to repair it, since I couldn't find a twist-tie at the time, and didn't have transportation to get a new nut & bolt.

    1 reply

    Problem solving at its finest!

    I guess everything old is new again to the younger generation. Us old folks used to use these tricks decades ago. I guess some old folks either did or did not pass on this information. Our grandkids sure know them all and more because they were taught by our kids and us.

    2 replies

    It's always good to make sure the new generation gets the info!

    Yeah, kinda my thoughts as well.

    >Luggage locks are useless, anyway.

    >Spring binder clips work better than paper clips for junk food bag closures.

    >Easier and quicker to just fold a small piece of tape back to make a pull-tab.

    >If you have a rubber band, why do you need to have a paper clip to bind a cord?

    >Using paper clips as place-holders in a book will cause the pages to crinkle(and eventually stretch the paper), it can also damage a hard-back book if too many are used or they are placed to close to the books' 'fold'. Use cut stick 'em notes - just cut them into 1/4" wide strips. If you have a paper shear or a pair of heavy scissors, an average stack can be split into halves or thirds to be cut. Or if you are lazy, you could just buy some of the little plastic stick 'em notes thing designed for that use.

    For number 1, you might as well use a paperclip, because those luggage locks can be cut with a small pair of wire cutters(some can be cut with nail clippers).

    Whenever I buy things I wish to lock the zipper on, I look for those that have the short cord pulls and NOT the little metal tabs. You can often weave the cords together making a quick open and snatch not so easy. You can also replace the cords with longer ones(or even bicycle brake cable) and use those cords(or cables) to either lock the luggage, or as a tie-rope around your luggage to secure it. The key to tying luggage(if allowed by your transportation) is to keep it as tight as possible to luggage to prevent snagging on luggage handling equipment.

    Good synthetic cord or bicycle cable can be a hassle to cut even with a sharp knife or wire cutters. Most thieves looking to cut a lock will skip over such bags in favor of something easier(and quicker) to get into.

    1 reply

    Good point! This is more for walking around with the bag attached to you not for checking your bag or placing it down so you don't have to keep an eye on it.

    Interesting and useful. Except, some of the tips are not very well explained. Like for the cords hack, it says you can use a paper clip and a rubber band to keep your cords from tangling... but it does not mention how, and for the paper clip lock hack, it has some pictures showing how to do it, but the pictures aren't very good and the fingers of the person doing it are covering everything so you can't really see how to do it

    1 reply

    Just slide the rubber band between the paper clip so when you hold the paper clip from one end the rubber band is in the middle. Then wrap it around the cord and do the same thing to lock it. Same process for using a paper clip as a lock.


    1 year ago

    Nice, although in many cases there are better or easier ways to do
    these things. Folding a small end of tape over and sticking it to itself
    or using a scrap piece of plastic on the end makes the end easy to find
    and pick up. Paper clamps, available in several sizes
    make better chip clips. Both can easily be stuck to metal surfaces with
    magnets. Old business cards make great book marks. String holds coils of
    cords better and doesn't fall apart with age like rubber bands do.

    clips make good fine applicators for glue. They can be straightened out
    and bent at the tip to pick cheap locks (like most suitcase locks),
    becoming a very simple skeleton key.

    1 reply

    True but if someone only has paper clips then this is for them.

    I'm 70 years old, paper clips were probably around 50 years or more before me, amazing that today's youth thinks that this simplistic item is a new invention and needs an instruction video on how to use them. The dumbing down of Americas is alive and well.

    1 reply

    It's not thinking they are new, it's about passing on the information to the new generation!

    I keep a large paperclip attached to a thumb drive near my computer at work. That way I always have a Universal Electronics Reset Key on hand! I just bend out one leg so I can press the tiny recessed Reset button on whatever locked up, then straighten the leg back when done. Reusable!

    1 reply

    I'd add that paper clips are the perfect tool for your iPhone - find a small one and unbend the end - not only can they eject your SIM card, but they're also really good for cleaning lint out of the Lightning connector!

    1 reply

    Popping zippers with a pointed tool will only work with nylon zips. metal ones will wreck your Bic.

    Now we need a hack to keep zips from opening on their own, like when the container is packed full!