5 Uses for Zip Ties

Introduction: 5 Uses for Zip Ties

Growing up, I knew of these as telephone ties. My Dad was an equipment installer for the Bells, so always had these things lying around the garage. Now that I'm older, I use them too! They seem to take on different names according to what they are being used for(cable ties, fence ties, cat toys....). We use a variety of sizes all around the farm and inside the house. There's always a bunch in the junk drawer for when we need a quick fastener or two. Here are some ways that we have recently used them:

Step 1: Cheap Cat Toy

Cat video!

Our cat loves zip ties, especially when you connect 2 or 3 into a chain.

Step 2: Missing Napkin Ring

I don't like blowing my nose with sniffies(stiffies), those printed mini tissues, so I used them for a (very)casual napkin. The one with the zip tie is for the boy. He likes it, and we think it's pretty funny.

Step 3: Paracord Bracelet Helper

A zip tie served as a perfect way to hold the bracelet steady around a chair spindle while I built the knots.

Step 4: Gym Bag Tag

The gym bag. It's Dewalt, why not?

: D

Step 5: Display Unit Fastener

Zip ties are great for neatly attaching items to showcase for display units.

What unique uses do you have for zip ties?

Please vote if you think this was cute!

: )


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    4 years ago

    There is also the organization/separation of free-hanging wires.

    One zip tie goes around all wires (but is left unfastened; for future reference: the master tie). Between each pair of wires a tie is placed upright to the master tie (which it encloses - the wires are left out; lets call these 'slave tie'). When all zip ties are put in place, begin by fasten the slave ties first (but not completly), then the master tie - fasten all ties in turns until the hole construct is secure and in its right place and form.


    4 years ago

    I'll be sure to use the cat one ;)