5 Ways to Cool Down




Introduction: 5 Ways to Cool Down

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Step 1: Use a Fan!

Grab a couple ice cubes, and put them in a bowl. Now sit in front of an electric fan with the bowl of ice on your lap. Turn the fan on. It feels wonderful!

Step 2: Go for a Swim!

I think most of us know how to swim... Don't have a pool? Don't worry, you're not alone. Have a water gun fight, or play any water games!

Step 3: Eat & Drink!

Drink some ice cold water! OR Eat a frozen snack! Yummy!

Step 4: Or Simply Relax

Pick a quiet room! Close the doors, turn on the AC, and you can watch your favorite program, or take a quick cat nap! I hope these tips helped you out! Happy Summer! And stay cool!

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