5 Ways to Keep Cockroaches Off Your House




Introduction: 5 Ways to Keep Cockroaches Off Your House

In this instructable I will show some ways to keep cockroaches out of your house. Some of you already must be using some of the methods.
It it very important to have a cockroach free house to prevent diseases such as food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhoea.
Before we start learning how to keep cockroaches out of your house let us know what are cockroaches and some facts about them.
1- cockroaches are filthy
2- I have heard they can survive a nuclear blast
3- they love to eat what humans eat:)
4- they can live upto a month without food, so there is no point making them starve for food by cleaning utensils at night.
5- they can live upto one week without its head.

Step 1: Using Listerine

Listerine is said to be cockroach deterrent. So using it to keep roaches out is effective. Take one portion of listerine and mix equal amount amount of water to it. To make it more effective you can also add a few drops of dishwashing gel. Fill the solution in spraying bottle and spray where cockroaches are usually seen.

Step 2: Boric Acid Paste

This is a age old method of preventing cockroaches. This is a non toxic and a harmless( to humans) paste.
To make this you need:-
1- 100grams boric acid powder
2- 50 grams flour( any works)
3- 2 table spoons powdered sugar
4 - a little water to make a paste
Mix all the stuff in a bowl, let the paste to dry and become semi solid. After that put ip they paste on places where usually roaches are spotted.
Sugar will attract them and boric acid will do there job.

Step 3: Bay Leaves

Take some bay leaves, dry them (optional), put at places such as under the sink and in cabinets,
And roaches will disappear in a few days

Step 4: Mint Spray

Cockroaches hate mint. Put about 20 drops of mint extract in 100 ml water and spray where roaches are usually found

Step 5: Avoid Getting Paper-bags in Your House

Don't bring cardboard or paper shopping bags into your home if possible. Roaches like the glue that holds them together. Their eggs get laid in the glue and you bring them in.
Tip courtesy: Jmwells

Step 6: Acetic Acid Spray

acectic acid commonly known as vinegar is used in multiple ways and can also be used to prevent cockroaches. Put 30 ml of vinegar in 100 ml of water and spray on cockroaches nest and places such as sink and the drain
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    18 Discussions

    diatomaceous earth is a nontoxic fine grained powder and can be purchased at home improvement stores. Put some along the outside of your house and it will help keep crawling insects out. I put it in my garage and have not seen any crawling insects and spiders.

    4 replies

    Where can i buy diaomaceous earth? & approximately How much is it?

    Actually, the fineness of the diatomaceous earth needed to do the job [the aquarum stuff is not the right kind] is also what makes it an extremely dangerous substance if accidently inhaled.

    And being so fine it is easily lifted up when even just walking by it.

    Many people do not know this.

    But good idea though :)

    shot a roach with windex dident have anything else dam thing droped shocked me but made me happy

    A very good article thanks :)

    I especially liked the one about vinegar and mint :)

    Would be very easy to do :)

    Borax is to cockroaches as warfarin is to rats basically.

    So long as you have an attractant in or near it then it will work even better.

    Roaches are fastidious cleaners of themselves and will clean off the borax and die from it.

    Also simply placing it along the baseboard works.

    However do NOT do this if you have pets or children as it can hurt them.

    So in that case put it in cupboards etc where the pets and kids do not go :)

    Thanks for this ible :)

    yes it will diffinetly work, but I'm not sure about how safe it is for humans ands pets

    Boric acid is awesome! It messes up development of their exoskeleton, and the survivors will have deformed wings and exoskeletons. Most of them die from the deformities before you ever see them.

    one thing I do every place I move into - puff "roach prufe" powder into every crevise and cranny. You will be impressed

    Don't bring cardboard or paper shopping bags into your home if possible. Roaches like the glue that holds them together. Their eggs get laid in the glue and you bring them in. I know this from personal experience. I worked in a packaging factory for a while.

    1 reply

    Well that's a shame, since I just favoritized an instructable for cardboard shelves

    Stale beer smells like roach pheromones. Put 1/4 full beer bottle with a tablespoon of veg oil in a high footfall roach area and they'll beetle in and be unable to get out

    1 reply

    thanks for the idea, but the pro membership has already been claimed, if you permit can I put your idea in my instructable



    ok thanks for the tip and for following, I am sending you a pro membership in private message.