5 Ways to Preserve Your (Bridal) Saree

Bridal dresses more often than not are one time wears. But luckily for the Indian bride who has chosen a saree as her bridal dress, it is a bit better as she has the chance of wearing her flowing silk zari saree for a gruha pravesham of her new house or some function at the in-laws etc. Hence, unlike a bridal gown that is often presented to the bride’s daughter when she is ready to marry, a bridal saree can be used (if not often) by the bride later too. So this is where the safe-keep techniques for a bridal saree differ from that of a bridal gown. The steps to simply safe-keep your bridal saree are mentioned below:

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Step 1: Dry Clean

Get your saree dry cleaned after the wedding. It is very common for bridal sarees to look as good as new after the wedding but when you take them out from the closet after a few years, you find a dirty stain that has ruined the saree. This is more to do with the vibrant colours of the saree as well as the kumkum, turmeric etc. that are used in the ceremonies which easily mix with the colours of your saree. So always give it for a dry clean even if it looks spotless.

Step 2: Wrap Up After Mild Pressing

Mild press with a warm iron before you wrap up. Use clear white paper sheets that do not stick, or will not tear over time and use them to wrap the saree, so that the folds don’t touch, rub or rupture embroidery and embellishments on the other side of the saree when wrapped.

Step 3: Pack in Zippers

Pack the folded saree in a transparent and spacious zipper bag (you will get one at any convenience or cloth store. If unavailable use the packing zippers available for a bridal dress as they are wide and spacious. This will preserve the quality of the cloth as well as let you know the condition of the saree inside.

Step 4: Sun Dry, Once in a While

At regular intervals, like once in 6 months, unpack and dry the saree under the sun for an hour or so before you repack it carefully. This keeps the cloth clean and bacteria-free.

Step 5: Mild Scent

Use a mild deodorant or scent; naphthalene balls aren’t safe for the cloth when used directly. Use them in the closet but do not put them in the zipper pouch.

The saree preservation techniques and steps have been sourced from thebridalbox.com which has been of great help for me.

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    2 years ago

    Get your saree dry cleaned after the wedding.

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    3 years ago

    This seems to be a good commonsense way to store any valuable garment such as collectable doll clothes or military uniforms, etc.


    3 years ago

    I liked this and I tried this successfully:)