5 Foot Double Barrel Knex Gun

This knex gun is 5 feet long has two triggers and two barrels and two 40 round magazines. It shoots yellow rods. If enough people leave comments that i should post a instructable for it i will. This is my first instructable. I am thinking about modifying this gun to make it have four magazines two on each side so it can hold 160 rods. Do you think i should try?

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    I understand that, but my point is that it is useless to comment on somebodys 'ibles if they won't be around to see it or respond to it. 0.-

    WOW!! this gun looks amazing!! how long did this monster take to build? :D just for this im going to follow you, this is amazing, if only i had more knex pieces '-.- keep up the good work :D and remember bigger is usually better lol


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i would but i took it apart like 1 week after i posted this i am making a better gun that i might post.

    Sorry i probably wont post instructions of it i made it 2 years ago and took it apart a week later.But if i do it will probably be during summer when i have more time. And if i do the insides will be different since this was made using knex triggers/designs from 2 years ago so if i do make it again the new one will be much more power full.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    it looks awesome can you make a double barrel sniper riffle next???