5 Min Cheap & Ugly Christmas Sweater



Introduction: 5 Min Cheap & Ugly Christmas Sweater

Looking for a gift for an ex?
Maybe for that mean old boss?
Well here it is.....
My 5 min cheap and ugly Christmas sweater!
Imagine the look on their faces when they unwrap your awesome gift.
And the best part is they'll think you spent hours decorating it they'll have to at least try it on.
Aww the smell of sweet revenge. Don't forget that pic. It'll come in handy next time you need that day off or when your ex starts bugging you again.

Step 1: Round Up Your Ammo.

First step is simple. Gather your ugly decorations. A plain white zip up sweater, scissors, tacky or super glue, tinsel (any color), glitter, bows, and a cardboard decorated gift box, a few small Christmas bulbs, and finally a few branches cut from that old ugly artificial Christmas tree you got from your in laws last Christmas.

Step 2: Glue Bows on Sleeves

Next take your ugliest bows and glue them on both sleeves.

Step 3: Cut Your Cardboard Gift Box

Cut the decorations out on your cardboard gift box. Mine was a snowman but whatever you can find. This gives the sweater a not so subtle appearance ...you know what I mean....like its not suppose to be an ugly Christmas sweater.

Step 4:

After you glued your cardboard cut out on the sweater take your artificial tree branches and glue them on the opposite side to make a mini tree. Glue the bulbs and lights.

Step 5: Masterpiece Created

Finally glue tinsel around the collar and around the bottom of the sweater. Don't forget to write Merry Christmas somewhere in glue then cover it in glitter. Ta-da your masterpiece is done!

Step 6: Wrap It Up!

Stick a name tag on it and get your camera ready!

Step 7:

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    Samuel kos
    Samuel kos

    6 years ago

    Some people just like to watch the world burn... (: