5 Min Microwave Weetabix Cake




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Weetabix is one of my favorite breakfast item.I usually eat it with warm milk and chocolate syrup.It's high in fibre and good for babies too.This time I'm gonna make its cake version.Hope you'll like it..

Step 1: 1.You Are Gonna Need - 1.2 Weetabix Biscuits 2.1 Egg 3.250 Ml Warm Milk 4.vanilla Extract 5.Chocolate Syrup 6.sugar 2 Tb Spoon 7.Nuts and Raisin (optional)

Step 2: 2.Whisk the Egg and Add Vanilla Extract and Sugar...whisk!

Step 3: 3.Now Add Weetabix Biscuits(crashed)

Step 4: 4.Pour Warm Milk and Whisk It Properly

Step 5: 5.Now Add Some Dollops of Chocolate Syrup As You Like!

Step 6: 6.Set It Aside for 10 Minutes

Step 7: 7.Now Add Nuts and Raisins and Microwave for 5 Minute and You Have Done It !



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    4 years ago

    Texture of this cake is little dry as I don't usually use butter.but if you want a soft version you can add more milk or microwave for 3/4 min..I also like weeta bix with yogurt,fruits but I find it super creamy with milk and chocolate syrup(without microwave)...thanks for your opinion..


    4 years ago

    I'm assuming Weetabix are much the same as Weet-bix here in Oz. Never heard of having them with Chocolate syrup before (gonna have to try that), I usually have milo with mine, or a diced banana.

    I'm gonna have a go at this cake, it gets a vote for its out of the box thinking :) not long back I was without Milo or Bananas, so out of desperation for a flavour to add, I tried cinnamon and a tad of sugar, it was good, I'm thinking that's how I'll flavour my cake, cinnamon weet-bix cake.

    What sorta texture does this have, I'm imagining it's fairly dense and solid..?


    4 years ago