5 Minute IKEA Kayak/Canoe Stand




About: I'm a youth pastor in Gainesville, TX. I love to Kayak and Bike. I do alot of work upsizing pallets and am working on bringing my projects to Instructables.

Step 1: Materials

Simple, easy.

Old Rags, about 4 but its your choice
Electrical/Duct Tape
Legs, They don't have to be from IKEA but well, mine were. I did a little searching on the IKEA sight and found mine were called "Vika Lerberg" They're nice because they are free standing and these are 3 point legs so there is no worry.

Step 2: Assembly

Once again simple. Take your rags and fold them over till you get a large wad. Place about 2-3" outside of the center on the leg unit and tape into place. You want to space them out so it cradles the Kayak into place, not just let it sit on them. Of course if you have a more flat bottom boat then spread them out, the more stability the better when your working on it or cleaning it.

Step 3: Finish

Slap your boat up on your legs and you will be good to go. you just completed a quick and easy stand to give you better access to work on your boat or clean it. I hope you enjoy!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    great repurpose for the table legs. were they off of a table or are you able to buy them without buying a whole table?

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