5 Minute Picture Frame Ornament

Introduction: 5 Minute Picture Frame Ornament

This is a project I made in school for my parents. It was very easy and you can make it from regular household materials. This is also great for a last-minute gift.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:
 1.  a CD case (clear)
 2.  a Square of Craft paper
 3. Picture
 4. Glue
 5. Ribbon about 9 inches long

 6. a Bell
 7. Stickers

Step 2: Put It All Together

Alright, once you have gathered all of your materials, you can start cutting and putting it together. First, you need to cut your picture so that it can fit inside your CD case. I cut mine about 3 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 inches, but you can cut it however you want, as long as it fits. Put the picture aside for now, and take your square of paper. Put it inside the CD case, opposite from where the CD goes in. Then, take your picture and put it right in front of the paper.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Next, you add the ribbon to hang the ornament from the tree. This is done by simply taking both ends of the ribbon and gluing them to the back of the case. After that, you can add any more stickers or glitter you want. Congratulations! You're finished!

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