5- Minute Tazer




Ok no this is not a real tazer, i just didn't know what else to call it, its like one of those little prank toys that shock people, but more powerful  i built this in 5 minutes from stuff i had in the garage its dead simple too so if your not very experienced but want to have some fun then this is perfect.


Step 1: Parts

all you need is:
2 wires
a piece of PVC (about 3 to 6 inches long depending on how many batteries you have to put in it)
a PVC cap
AA's-i used 3 (doesn't matter how many, obviously the more you put in the bigger the zap you get out)
and wall transformer (this ones from an old battery charger)
common sense (this is not optional)

Step 2: Drill a Hole

drill a hole in the PVC cap, this is for one of the wires to go through.

Step 3:

tape a wire to one of the battery's and put it in the pvc pipe then thread the wire through the hole in the cap

Step 4: Optional

crack open the case of the transformer  using a hack saw and/or a razor blade (extremely carefully if you use the former) and take it out, make sure its just the transformer and there's no ac-dc converter on it (if there is, just clip the wires and take it off)

Step 5: Put It Together

insert the rest of your battery's and tape the other wire to the top of the last one, then tape the transformer to the side of the PVC here's where the common sense comes in DO NOT plug it in! connect one of the wires (doesn't matter which one) to the secondary coil (the one on the side that doesn't have the wall outlet prongs) this one now becomes the primary

Step 6: Using It

stick the prongs on your little brothers arm or just touch it yourself and touch the wire you didn't tape to the transformer to the other wire on the transformer and then disconnect it

Step 7: Uses

i keep mine in my coat pocket to wake myself up if i'm tired at school, its also great for keeping your little brother in line or a little trick to get that really annoying kid to be quiet for once, its perfectly safe even at its high voltage- voltage may hurt but amperage is what kills

Step 8: How It Works

here's the nerdy information (being a nerd is a good thing. In fact bill gates, AKA the richest man in the world, said "be nice to nerds you will probably end up working for one) through a process called inductance a transformer will ether step up or step down voltage, when you move a magnet past a wire (or a wire past a magnet) it creates current. if you turn that wire into a coil it becomes more efficient, similarly if you move a current past a piece of iron it becomes a magnet if you make a coil around the iron it will make it more powerful  more coils = more power. so on a transformer your putting the two together. a current through the first coil (primary) makes a magnet of the metal part on the transformer, then instead of moving the magnet it flips the polarity by flipping the current (or in our case, turning it off) that makes a current on the other coil (secondary) which can be more coils or less coils, if there are more coils the  voltage goes up and vice-versa, however by the law of physics that states- you cant get more out than what you put in you do lose something in a trans former you lose amperage when you gain voltage now by "energy cannot be created or destroyed" if you lose voltage you gain amperage, most wall transformers have a lot of windings on there primary and fewer on there secondary putting the current on the secondary reverses that and then allows you to have a higher voltage which you can use to shock people.



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