5 Quick Haunt Props From Recycle




Introduction: 5 Quick Haunt Props From Recycle

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Here are a couple of projects that took less than an hour to build using mainly materials found on the curb

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Step 1: Walls and Roofing

OK I cheated a little here because almost all of the walls are made from recycled fence panels,
however each panel only takes a couple or minutes to erect, dig a hole, insert a post, tamp it down and attach a fence panel standing on it's side for an 8' wall or attach it normally with about a foot of space on the bottom for a 7 foot tall wall, more panels can be laid across the hallways to make ceilings. Extra pickets can be used to make a really rustic looking gable end

Step 2: Rustic Bar

This bar literally took 20 minutes to build but with a little more time spent on a frame it would make a great addition to a man cave.
We took 2 sets of louvered closet doors and cut them to a comfortable height for a bar (sorry we didn't use a ruler) 2 short posts were sunk in the ground and a cross piece added then the cut louvered doors were screwed in place, an old door was screwed down for the top

Step 3: Hay Roof

we wanted a different texture for one of the rooms roof so we went with hay, the ribs are commercial adjustable
shelving strips that was covered with wire fencing and a bale of hay spread across the entire area, clear plastic
keeps it from blowing away

Step 4: Cemetery Ambiance

In the cemetery we used a couple of large branches and 2 large bags of spanish moss, the moss is scattered around on the "trees" the fencing and tombstones

Step 5: Infinity Tunnel

A lot of our fence panel "hallway walls" we covered in carpet padding rescued from carpet store dumpsters at the end of this hallways is an infinity tunnel. We took a rescued patio door with mirrored film on one side and attached it to a frame of 2x4's about
2 feet back we added another mirror, filled in between the 2 with painted plastic and backed the plastic with twinkling red and orange lights. The 2 mirrors reflect each other giving the illusion of a long hallway, our frame wasn't completely square so the "hallway" seems to turn to the right as you approach it

Step 6: Stay Tuned

Did I peak your interest ? Watch for the full HAUNT instructable coming the end of October 2012

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Using hay and carpet padding is a bad idea since they are very flammable. Fire departments are noticing home haunts and are enforcing fire codes just as they to commercial haunted houses. Our local chief showed up just as we were opening our first night a couple years ago with fire codes in hand. Thankfully he left happy after we walked him through and showed him the haunted house and pointed out the emergency exits, fire extinguishers at each exit and low voltage lighting and the two way radios. The next year he asked that we post a drawing of the haunt layout with exit and extinguisher locations. We had also added radio controlled electrical outlets that allow the door greeter to kill power to all effects lighting and sound in and outside the haunt in an emergency. (There are also hand held remotes in use.)

    Keep your guests safe and keep the fire chief happy!