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Introduction: .50 Cal Bullet Pen

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Every time I need a pen I find none or one the doesn’t work. This pen scares people into not walking away with it. We’ll not really but hopefully it’ll be easier to find next time I’m scrambling for one.

To make it I drilled out the back of a 50 cal. shell. I cut the primer side of a 308 shell off with a pipe cutter. Next I dropped the 308 shell into the 50 cal. shell. I reduced the mouth of the 50 cal. shell until the 308 shell fit snug. Finally I soldered it together and glued the mechanical pieces in place.

The fourth picture shows it compared to a .45 cal shell which is the same diameter of my original bullet pen.



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    I just had a really cool idea! If you could find a shell from a 30mm A-10 Warthog cannon and figure out how to coat the inside so it'd be safe to drink out of, it would make a really cool drinking cup.

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    That's a great idea. I bet it could be senf off to a metal plater and have it electroplated with silver or even gold.

    I was just at the GI store today looking at shells thinking about doing something simular. They didn't have any .50 cal all they had were smaller 5.56mm and some huge 20mm rounds. I'll keep my eyes open for .50 now I know how good it can turn out. Looks great!

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    What you thinking of doing with that! Hell even a permanant marker would be too small for them things. I guess I will wait and see like the rest of the world...

    Wow. That looks awesome. I could see giving this as a gift along with a personal engraved message. As always... you did a great job! ;)