50 Cent Bug Protector

Here is an easy and effective tool to protect your favorite beverage from marauding insects.

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Step 1: Cut a 4" X 4" Card

Find some appropriate thin card stock. Even a cereal box will do! Measure and cut a 4" square piece. You can make it any size that will cover your cup or glass outside - this size works for my wine glasses.

Step 2: Fold and Add Weights

My design costs you 50 cents per protector - just fold the edges in so it will fit over the glass, and tape on 2 quarters. Of course you can use anything that will weight the cover enough to keep it on the glass when there is a wind.

Thats it! This cover will keep out flies, gnats, misquitoes, etc. - all the bugs that want to turn your drink into a swimming pool.

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