50 Cent Hand Lotion!

Introduction: 50 Cent Hand Lotion!

I hope that some readers out there can relate to me here, but I find myself having to "run a few errands" just about all of time. I go out there with a list of a few items to pick up and then end up buying a whole bunch of other things in the process. On a recent journey of mine, while standing in the check-out line, I noticed some hand lotion on sale for $0.50! I couldn't pass up a great deal like this, so I bought a few (impulse buy!) and went on my way.

Step 1: Lotion Bottle Before

When I got home, I wanted to display my new impulse-buy's in each of our bathrooms, but I had a desire to personalize them first! Here is a picture of the label beforehand...

Step 2: Remove the Labels & Design!

All I had to do was remove the labels and then find something cool to put in their place. Luckily, other previous impulse-buys have prepared me for these kind of situations... I had a large craft closet, full of fun DIY goodies. For this project, I chose a gold "D" (for my name, Dell) and another neat design, that I just thought was super cute. I also tied a little bit of twine around the top of one to give it even more character.

Step 3: Finished

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Step 4: 50 Cent Hand Lotion!

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