£50 Craft Table / Computer Desk + Cheap Shelves





Introduction: £50 Craft Table / Computer Desk + Cheap Shelves

So here goes, my first instructable! (Go easy on me)

Over Xmas I decided to make use of a room at home that previously just stored junk.

As the title states, the materials for the table/desk came in at less than £50! I used 9x lengths of 2.4m cls stud work timber @£3 a length and one large sheet (cut in 4 in store) of mdf @£18 from b&q (shop around! I have since learned that Wickes do 10 lengths of the cls timber for £20 so it could have been a total of £38!)

This is not going to be a massively in depth instructable, I am just writing it to show what can be achieved without breaking the bank but am happy to answer any questions at the end.

Also, when I bought the mdf, I thought I'd need more than what I did and the second sheet made the shelves I've added pictures of (the cost of them is another sheet of mdf @ £18.

Step 1: Tools

You don't actually need many tools. Here's a list -

Necessary are -

A wood saw
A workbench or trestle (for cutting wood on)
A set square
A pencil/pen
A screwdriver (electric if possible)
A drill
A spirit level
A tape measure

Optional are -

A jigsaw
Hole saws for drilling large holes for cabling
A masonry drill and bits for fixing things to the wall
Wood glue (for making the whole thing stronger)
A circular saw (would have saved me a lot of time!)

Step 2: Build a Sturdy, Level Frame

For this table, cost and practicality were all I really thought about.

It isn't made of nice wood, it isn't going to be painted or varnished or stained, it's going to get used! It has to function as a table to mount a computer on and use a workspace for my whole family (so nice and sturdy with no sharp edges).

My first design was based around me buying 3 small sheets of mdf and arranging them in an L shape. This was before I realised I could get 8 sheets cheaper by buying two larger sheets and getting them cut in 4! Result! What I'm getting at is that a little time spent thinking about what sort of design you want to go for to fit your room/accommodate your needs before you buy/cut anything is well worth it!

I wanted a good size table combined with a practical computer desk. I also wanted to incorporate some storage but make sure that I left an opening at the table and the desk for my legs whilst sitting in a chair. It had to fit in the room but also had to be made from material sizes that were readily available.

Anyway, you get my point.

Think what you want.
Have a look at materials on a website / in store.
Design / build a sturdy frame.

This whole thing is just screwed together. Most of the cuts are just straight 90 degree cuts. I'm no carpenter but I took a little time with a spirit level and a tape measure and the result is pretty good.

The only real advice I could give is - take your time and pilot drill for your screws through the first piece of timber with a bit around the same diameter as body of the screws.

Step 3: Top It Off

Next step is to top it off with some lovely mdf (maybe cut into a nice shape)

Step 4: Use Your Leftovers to Make More Furniture

After using less mdf than I thought, I decide to knock up some shelving to go under the window.

This whole thing cost £18 plus a few screws and fits in perfectly!

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11 Discussions

I really like this design, this would be perfect for my craft area, i have a small room and i need a separate desk for computer and crafting.

1 reply

Thanks, we've used it loads already! The height of our worktop is 740mm and that seems to work ok

Nice instructable, whats the height on the legs?

Got some posters in the frames now too

2016, 20:18.jpg

Great job, great space, you did a great job on the room as well as this instructable.

1 reply

Thanks! I can't take all the credit for the rest of the room unfortunately. The family handprints were the wife's idea. We're really happy with it though ?

Great design, you definitely utilize every inch of available space! How long did it take to build?

Have a great day! :-)

1 reply

Thanks very much! I'd say it maybe took around 3 days all together but I'm not the fastest worker and the process could have definitely been sped up with the use of a circular saw. I made all the cuts except for the radius on the corner of the mdf with a hand saw. The shelves weren't too bad, I designed and built them in an evening. Worked out really well as all I had left over at the end was a piece of mdf about half a metre square.

Thank you, I love what you've done with the place.


2 years ago

Great room! Looking to do something like this myself. You have inspired me to get designing. Thanks