50 State Half/Full Marathon Medal Holder




Introduction: 50 State Half/Full Marathon Medal Holder

This is how I made my a medal holder for my 50 state (plus DC) quest. If you any questions, please let me know.

Most might not have access to a vinyl cutter, but I think there people out there who can cut it for you....Maybe Etsy

I have attached the Corel Draw file and the EPS files and SVG files

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Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Tools

  • Table Saw/Circular Saw
  • Vinyl Cutter (like a Circut or Graphtec)
  • Drill and Bit

Step 3: Cut State Abbreviations, Map, and Saying From From Vinyl

  • Use the cutter to cut out the state abbreviations and saying from black vinyl
  • Use the cutter to cut out Map from chalk board vinyl
    • Weed the Vinyl
    • Apply transfer tape. (similar to masking tape or painters tape, but thicker)

The pic is what mine state map looks like when it is done.

If haven't work with adhesive vinyl, this is a video to break down how to do it.

Step 4: Prepare Your Board

  • Leave Height at 20, but cut down the width to 28"
  • If you want to route the edges, you can
  • Stain board and let dry

Step 5: Drill Pilot Holes for Hooks

  • Measure up from the bottom 4.25" and lightly mark. I used chalk to make because it can be erased easily
  • Measure approximately .5" on each side. This is meant to help center the states.
  • Line the bottom edge of the top line of your states with the line.
  • Apply the states to board
    • remove backing paper
    • lay down on board (be careful to have it lined up as you place it, because the letters might stick as soon as it touches)
    • Rub with a card to press onto board
    • Remove transfer tape
    • See pics (just an example, I took pics for another project I was working on to show how it is done.)
  • Mark a line about .25" below the states
  • Drill pilot hole in-between the letter. Approximately 1" apart

Step 6: Apply Map and Quote

  • Apply the map and the quote where you like them
    • It is the same process as you did for the states

Step 7: Insert L-Hooks and Install Mounting

  • Insert your L-Hooks. I used pliers to help me and save my fingers.
  • Follow the instruction on the mounting kit

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    2 years ago

    Super love it, how i wish i have the tools to make it ☹️


    3 years ago

    Great idea


    3 years ago

    That's awesome :) I hope you fill up every state!