500W Halogen Work Light to 100W LED Work Light DIY Conversion (9000 Lumens)




Intro: 500W Halogen Work Light to 100W LED Work Light DIY Conversion (9000 Lumens)

Have you ever burned yourself with a blazing hot halogen work light? Or melted things that came in contact with the light? Have you damaged the fragile halogen bulb by accidentally knocking it over?

If so, you will definitely like having an LED work light! It is shock proof, cool to the touch, never needs bulb replacements, and uses just 100W of energy while delivering the same light output as a 500W halogen bulb!

Step 1:

For this project you will need:

a.) 100W LED module. I'd recommend a "warm white" with a color temperature of around 3300k. It will be much less "yellow" than a halogen bulb.

b.) 100W LED current limited power supply.

c.) Heatsink for the LED. I picked a surplus CPU heatsink from a Dell PowerEdge 2950 server. This heatsink was designed to cool a quad-core 3.0GHz Xeon processor with a maximum 150W TPD, so it will be more than enough for a 100W LED with 80W-85W TPD.

d.) Pair of fans for active cooling. I picked a pair of salvaged 12V 40mm x 40mm x 28mm server fans, which draw 0.15 amps each @ 5V. And since the fans are running at less than half of their design voltage of 12V, they are barely audible when powered from a 5V source.

e.) Donor halogen 500W work light.

f.) Power supply to provide 5V for the fans. Most old cell phone chargers will work. They usually provide 5V @ 1 amp.

g.) Some nuts, bolts, and scrap aluminum.

Step 2:

This instructable doesn't have blueprints with step by step instructions, but rather gives you an idea of how this conversion can be made.

The pictures explain how the whole assembly process looks. Using some small nuts and bolts the LED is affixed to the heatsink, then a custom bracket is made to hold the fans in position.

Step 3:

Assemble everything together. Power it up to make sure it works and the cooling works properly. An infrared temperature gun works well here to check the temperatures.

Step 4:

Cut a hole at the bottom of the enclosure for the fans. A Dremel and a few cut-off wheels should suffice.

Step 5:

And drill some holes in the top of the enclosure. Cool air will be drawn in from the bottom, pass through the heatsink, then through the power supply, then exit through the holes on top.

Step 6:

The board that will provide 5V DC for the fans came from an old cell phone charger. Any AC to USB wall charger should work.

Wire everything up. Don't forget "ground" for safety. Fits perfectly!

Step 7:

And done!

Now you have a cool running work light with the same light output as a 500W halogen bulb. Same dimensions, just as durable and lightweight. The LED runs at around 50 centigrade, so it should last much longer than the rated 40,000 hours @ 65C.



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Everything can be purchased on Ebay using simple searches like "100W LED" or "100W LED driver". There are literally hundreds of sellers selling the same parts. These parts are standardised and are used in many lightning devices.

    Price change very rapidly. Going down obviously. The 100W LED module sold for $75 a few years ago. Now they are $7-8 with free shipping on Ebay.