50G 3D Printet 2-axis Encoder Servo Gimbal

Introduction: 50G 3D Printet 2-axis Encoder Servo Gimbal


All gimbals today stabilize the hole camera, so why not just stabilize the camera module. With 3G digital 360 degress servo and 1:3 gear ratio for better video performance. Included 3D .xtl files to print.

Today almost all flight controller have gimbal controll. So first take a Mobius (Gopro, or other camera system with excitation cable) and remove casing and battery. Stripped Mobius is around 20 Gram with cable.

So total gimbal and Mobius weight will be ounder 50 Grams

Step 1: Parts

To help developed this project you will need 3D printer, some soldering and DIY skills.


  • 3D printed parts
  • 2x Bluearrow D0313 metal gear servo 3.0 grams, Speed (6.0v) 0.06 sec
  • 10x4mm bearing
  • 4mm Carbon/alu tube
  • 6mm pulley( Servo mount) Ebay: ( 75 Kinds Plastic Shaft Single Double Reduction)

  • 18mm pulley
  • 2mm O-seal ring

Step 2: Hack Bluearrow Servo 360 Degrees

You have to "hack" the servo to be 360 degrees. You will find many great guides out there.

Exstend the servo sense potensiometer wire so you can attatch to X and Y axis on the gimbal. You will only get 180 degrees on you gimbal, but the servo have now got 3x many steps.

If you google "Servo gimbal vs brushless" they often use analog 50Hz(50 steps) cheap servo and a terrible resultant.


By using a digital servo you get 333 steps. And by gearing down 1:3 gear you will have almost 1000 steps. To get so close to brushless 100G brushless gimbal proformance.

Step 3: Servo Vs Brushless Motor

The lightest shop gimbal motors is 1704/1804 at around 20G with cable, and then you need a Gimbal controll board 10G.

Is possible to rewind a 1104 4000Kv motor to 100Kv gimbal motor. You will use a lot of time rewind 2 motors!! and when you crash you lose the interest of rewinding small motors.

Step 4: Start Build

I have ordered all the parts and i will get them soon. If you have some ideas or improvements please leave a comment.

I will update the 3D print with mounting holes to gears, servo for easier replacement. .
Now you have to use hot glue to install servo and gears.

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    3 years ago

    hi Markus

    hope all is well

    any success with this project?

    i'm about to start something very similar

    cheers Charles