Bluetooth Speaker 50w




Introduction: Bluetooth Speaker 50w

This speaker, which has powerfull bass and very good highs , has 2 full range, 2 passive radiator and 2 tweeters, move by a 25w*2 bluetooth amplifier. It's also portable, with a 16,8v 3200mah battery,it gives you lots of hours of fun.

All the electronics are from Aliexpress.

Step 1: First of All Is Making the Design

Once you have on mind how you'd like to be the look of your speaker, you have to make sure it's compatible with all the components (make sure all fits).

Step 2: Cutting and Glueing

Now, with the design done, it's time to do the speaker box. In my case i have used 6mm MDF.

Step 3: Cover and Assemble

If you don't like the MDF finish, i recomend you to covered it any textile. I have used PU black leather, as it's cool, cheap and lasting.

I glued some coins on the passive radiator as it didn't have any weigth.

Step 4: Details

Once it's all together, it's time to include some details in our speaker, such us grille, leather feet, golden screws...

Step 5: Time to Get the Most Out of Your Diy Speaker

I hope you liked my first instructable.



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    8 Discussions

    how long does it actually last? an hour? 6 hours? do you know?

    Can you add a parts list with links? I am really curious!

    4 replies

    full range:



    passive radiator:


    tweeter: the shop has closed, but im sure there are others shops you can buy it.

    MDF: leroy merlin (diy shop)

    PU leather: cloth store


    I can't find the tweeters, can you give me a link to buy them ?

    Hi! Do the passive really help?
    I got these two (and two 25w 8ohms speakers) but they doesnt seem to help produce better bass...

    maybe the problem is in the active speakers or in the box enclosure (it may has leaks)

    There weren't enough instructions is in order to make the same thing that you made. Somehow, there were quite a few things missing.

    1 reply

    The purpose of the post was to give a quick look of the making process, so you can have an idea to do your own proyect.